Please excuse us this coming Monday, as we are going out of town on Sunday and Monday, as those are Eric’s days off. We will NOT have a pickup this coming Monday. Thank you all for the beautiful supplies given last week, and we are always happy as usual to be able to give some of the sandwiches and fruit to needy people along the way that we meet! We will heartily resume the pickup service on Monday, the 26th.

AND… Happy Early Voting!

Also, we are sending a beautiful message below sent from one of our members Collette, who originated and is the leader for the Goddess Group in town. By the way, October 16-25 is the celebration all over the world of the Goddess aspect of God, the Divine Feminine, one of the innumerable forms of the Divine consciousness. Hoping you especially receive the Divine Mother’s Blessings and the expansion of love and compassion in your hearts during this time:

The Waning Moon and Morning Star Venus unite October 13th, in Virgo at 7:55pm PT // 10:55pm ET creating the 4th Rose Gateway of Descent. This is happening on the same day that Mercury goes Retrograde just earlier at 6:05 PT // 9:05 ET.

A Venus-Moon Conjunction is when these planets harmonize together within 0-10 degrees of each other. Each conjunction ignites a new cycle of spiritual wisdom and is connected to your own chakra system. These conjunctions are a part of Venus’ entire 8-year cycle and sacred map we follow as Priestesses of the Rose.

This 4th Venus-Moon Rose Gate of Descent focalizes at your Heart, the Sacred Grail of Giving and Receiving Love and Joy.

Photo of Achintya at Chalice Well Gardens, Glastonbury UK by Melissa Robin

The Venusian Power and Wisdom from Gaia’s 5th / Throat Chakra located in Egypt/Khemet is being transferred to the 4th / Heart Chakra, which is Avalon (modern day Glastonbury, UK).

With the Sun in Libra (ruled by Venus) and Rose conjunction in Virgo, Avalon’s Love is generously offered for you to feel, ground and embody the Truth of who are, who you are becoming, who you have always been, and why you are here.

7630f772-2637-46a3-8c86-e7d223fd3a1a.png This heart chakra focalization invites a profound generosity of loving kindness with self and other. This is a flow of Grace that connects us to abundance and opulence from place of deep integrity, respect, and Truth. Are you truly opening to receiving all of the gifts of creation? What are you pushing away? What are you holding back?

7630f772-2637-46a3-8c86-e7d223fd3a1a.pngWe are invited to release distortions within relationship fields and to reclaim a healthy relationship with self. This is an optimal time for practicing self love, self care, and self acceptance, while opening up to the kindness of your heart and deepening compassion for self & others.

7630f772-2637-46a3-8c86-e7d223fd3a1a.png This Rose Gate may bring up boundaries that need to be created or revisited. Learning how to say No and Yes from a place of love. Judgements may come forward to be seen and released, so that you can unconditionally accept yourself and others. It is the Power of Heart that will lead the way through what may feel like an uncomfortable process

7630f772-2637-46a3-8c86-e7d223fd3a1a.png As Venus is on her Descent, we are being asked to release shadows of the heart. Where are you giving conditionally? Where are you still holding blame and shame? Where are you feeling unworthy? Might you be sabotaging yourself or those around you? This inquiry is offered with tenderness and full of self-love. It is where you will find immense healing and empowerment of the Heart.

This Rose Gate is supportive for deepening into self love, joy, and kindness so that you can give to, and receive from, all of creation.

And so it is.



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