Next Pick-up from Happy Home Helpers: Monday, Sept. 28

Aren’t postits great? They remind us of so many things. Reminders are something we need every day for this, that, and the other. One beautiful soul reminded us this week that challenges are opportunities. One example can be taken from the Austin Street Center itself, of how challenge is married to opportunity. In the past, the houseless folks could only … Read More

REVERSE–Pickup WILL be on Monday, AS USUAL, on September 14

We are so happy our cars and our brains have a reverse gear. We decided that YES, we will have pickup this coming Monday, September 14, as usual. The only thing that has changed is that we will be delivering goods to the Austin Street Center instead of the Soupmobile. You can go on their website and see what they … Read More


THANK YOU ALL for your sustaining power over the last 5 months, creating goodies, and gathering supplies for others in need!! David, the Soupman, really appreciated everyone today for their steadiness in giving! This is just a short note to let you know that the Soupmobile’s schedule is changing, thus our pickup time is changing: Due to a shortage of … Read More

House on 43 Acres

Jyoti has located a beautiful house on 43 acres near Sherman. The address is 3439 Refuge Road, Sherman TX 75092. Love the street name – I think there is actually some kind of sanctuary near there! You can look it up on and take a virtual tour!