Sunday Satsang

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Sunday Satsang at Ananda is inspired by the meditation tradition of the East and the ancient teachings of mystical Christianity, with inspirational readings from both the Bible and the Bhagavad Gita. Service includes music, group chanting and meditation.
Badri and Gita Matlock reside at Ananda Village where Gita was born (daughter of founding members Nayaswamis Padma & Hriman) and Badri has resided for 11 years. They both have a background in teaching yoga, meditation, and leadership roles within Ananda. Currently Badri serves in community management and Gita chairs the Living Wisdom School board, and is developing a business offering spiritual workshops for healing and therapy working with horses. Their children Tulsi (age 7) and Jay (age 5) are thriving growing up in the same magical woods of Ananda where their mother was raised. Together Badri & Gita offer a dynamic and contemporary expression of our spiritual teachings as lifelong, dedicated disciples of Paramhansa Yogananda building community, raising a family, and seeking God.
10:00 Chanting & Opening Prayer
10:15  Short Meditation
10:20 Affirmation from Affirmations for Self-Healing
10:25 Bible & Bhagavad Gita readings and commentary from Rays of the One Light
10:30 Long meditation
11:25 Healing Prayers
11:30 Badri and Gita Join us!