The Anatomy of Yoga: The Chakras

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This 5 hr workshop is part of Ananda’s 9wk Raja Yoga course and is also offered as a stand-alone workshop to all interested souls.

During the workshop you will:
~ Learn: “What is a Chakra?”, it’s location, vibration and many other subtleties
~ Practice gentle Hatha Yoga postures to stimulate energy at each chakra and how to help that energy to rise
~ Be led into a Meditation for the Chakras
~ Chant “Aum” @ each Chakra
~ Have interactions with the teachers, discussions and much more

Within all of us exists centers of energy, chakras as they’re called in Sanskrit. Chakras govern various aspects of our mental and emotional states and hold the key for better health and well-being.

By studying this system of the energy body, we learn about specific qualities relating to each chakra, how and why they tend to govern our human nature, and how to release blockages that allow us to march forward on our path to spiritual enlightenment.

Times: 10:30AM-3:30PM
Cost: – $25