The Art of Resonance

Workshop & Concert with David Eby
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The Art of Resonance
Resounding with Light: Adventures in Music and Meditation

with David Eby
Saturday, May 15th 10:30AM-12:00PM CST
Suggested Donation $25

Increase the resonance of energy and vibration within you. Lift the dampers that keep you from fully experiencing the presence of inspiration. This morning we will dive into the subtle art of resonance, working with energy and intention in our active listening and sound creation. Music, as vibration, directly affects our energy and consciousness.

In this powerful workshop you will learn:

  • the secrets of sympathetic resonance and why it matters
  • how to lift the dampers that keep you from resonating to your fullest potential
  • how to attune yourself to the source of your inspiration
  • how to expand inner resonance more fully for personal healing of body, mind, and spirit
  • how to integrate your resonance into your voice and communication

This program also introduces a 4-step process of Joyful Focus:

  • The Hush—Create dynamic stillness
  • The Heart—Develop Intuitive Perception
  • The Lift—Engage your energy
  • The Flow—Live consistently with flow & inspiration

Special Evening Concert
As a follow up from the morning’s Art of Resonance workshop, David will lead you into a deep experience of resonance, using original music and inspired classics by Bach, Swami Kriyananda, and more.

Saturday, May 15th 8:00PM-9:00PM CST
Suggested donation $10

Attend both offerings for $30!

About David Eby

David Eby is an internationally acclaimed classically trained musician, director, teacher and Ananda minister. He is the former music director of Ananda Worldwide working directly with Swami Kriyananda for many years. There he deepened his exploration of the realms of music, consciousness, and inspiration. He also played a major role in the movie, Finding Happiness. He is now based in our Ananda Portland community serving as a minister and musical director. He continues to offer innovative programs sharing what he has learned through his 18-year journey into music and inspiration. He currently performs with The Bodhi Trio, the Oregon Symphony, and Portland Cello Project, teaches at Lewis and Clark College, directs the Advanced Strings at Oregon Episcopal School and is a Teaching Artist for the BRAVO Youth Orchestra.

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